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About Janet Key

When Janet Key was twelve, she sang and danced onstage in the background of musicals, stayed up too late reading Shakespeare, and had a closet full of themed, handsewn vests.


This is her first novel. 

For more frequently updated information, please follow her on instagram @janetkeybooks

The Mirrorwood, by Deva Fegan

I loved The Mirrorwood, by Deva Fegan -- it felt like a classic fairy tale, and yet so original!

Moon over Manifest

Clare Vanderpool's classic story about a girl trying to find her place and understand her father is a beautiful classic

Under the Egg

Under the Egg is a fun art history mystery -- what's not to like?!

Enola Holmes

I wish the mystery-cracking Enola Holmes had been around when I was middle grade age, and I especially love with wonderful bits of Victorian women's history woven into these books

Wrinkle in Time

Wrinkle in Time is one of my all time favorites!

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is a beautiful coming of age story about learning not to judge other's by their appearances

Current and Favorite Middle Grade Reads

Like any middle grade writer, I was first a middle grade reader! I especially liked books with some aspect of history, mysteries with a girl detective, and/or fairy tales that felt fresh. Here are some of my current reads and all time favorites!

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